thursday | nov 9 | 2006

so i just posted a comment on fellow blogger and because of my lack of punctuation i think they thought i was bashing - but i wasn't- i really meant to say "hell no - you didn't just call me fat" with all the bitchy attitude a diva can muster - so sorry if that was taken any other way.


thursday | nov 2 | 2006

fuck fuck fuck... the car is not doing well. back to the shop today. we took it to the dealership last week because our regular joe (yes that is his name) mechanic felt that he was at a stand still and recommended dealership do a diagnostics as we are just tipping under the 100k mile mark and a few obviously rare items are under warranity. $1400 and one week later the car is worse then before. back to dealership where, surprise they estimate about $4000 worth of work. fuck fuck fuck... so now the car is back off to joe, who at a minimum will not ram that lightly greased pole up our asses on getting the car back on the road. we really are not in the position to buy a new car - we really needed to wait at least 1 or 2 years to do it, so i have my fingers crossed that this time around will be it on repairs.


thursday | nov 2 | 2006

halloween is still hanging in the house and i have already moved onto christmas. ordered up xmas tree(s) and stockings this morning. going for a goth-lite steely gray xmas i think. i also ordered up a bunch of mica and vintage glass glitter to craft up some DIY accruements. i have some of wendy addision's large letters which i love - but her stuff is way to expensive to keep adding to the holiday collection - you can see her profile and collection here. i don't care for the whole shabby chic shit that every midwestern frump blindly subscribes to - but i do love the juxtaposition of good vintage pieces or textures with good design moderne. no my house is not made of stainless steel and yes i do have wood floors not concrete - our house is modern mixed with artisan - set in a 100 year victorian. shake it all up and that's home.

done a lot of walking this week - been pretty good with LD but not 100% complainant. i'm raging pms so considering that state of mind - i'm doing good - not gaining. weight is in stabilization mode, as we all know, do not judge the numbers until after ones period has come and gone.

i'll be off to the alemeda flea market this weekend unless it continues to rain. so i'll update any good finds.

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tuesday | oct 31 | 2006

happy halloween!

2lbs down.... that has got to be the number one best thing about doing LD. the rapid sensation of subtraction. went for another killer walk again - down to finacial district to see if any of those stuffed suits have a sense of humor. sadly must report that they do not, except for the one briefcase toting accountant dressed like a deviled egg. you rock businessman guy - this bud light is for you! trucking it back up sacramento street of course kicked my ass.


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monday | oct 30 | 2006

wow - it seems that everytime i get around to checking in to my site - a year has passed by. i guess that could make for a big entry update. i will start with my current status of self employed. i quit my job a few weeks ago to go back to a freelance basis. on one hand i feel fantastic, on the other hand, numb to the fact i have no official job. the last year at that place has just been one lobotomized moment after another. they finally changed out my creative director and replaced him with someone who i less then bonded with. the future looked dim, so with encouragement from my husband i left it all. given my break from the corporate world, i am now lacking a bit in wanting to go back into any kind of work mode. searching alternatives means of income - but i basically feel a lack of motivation all around. ok enough of the drones of working for a living.

halloween weekend just passed - went to a party on saturday. it was ok - dj ended up canceling on the host and so with a lack of music, a bunch of us ended up crashing out and watching horror flics. personally i found it more enjoyable then standing around trying to make small talk over loud bad music. fun part of the evening was riding around on the back of hubbies lambretta. quite a sight as part of my blue angel costume included wings. of course all the streets were full of bizarre moments to behold - it's san francisco afterall.

we will be heading down to the OC for thanksgiving - part of which i am not looking forward to as i pretty much loathe orange county, yes it really is that shallow! and what mtv did to laguna beach, my former homestead of 10yrs, is a fucking crime. thanksgiving is the goal of once more attempting to diet. everytime i have photos taken (aka - this weekend) i get a cold slap across the face of what needs to change. unfortunately this change takes so much time and commitment. which when i think about what needs to be done is not so daunting, but when it comes to the daily grind of achieving it, it becomes paralyzing. on the exercise front - i started mid summer taking the train to work and then walking the two miles to office from station (all flat) - so four miles everyday. then i slacked during really hot month - aug/sept. started walking again only now it's the killer hills of the neighborhood. this is the main hill of stairs i did this morning. i am doing LD (liquid diet) again - just easier right now then dealing with food. only draw back is having to make 6 trips to the w.c. an hour, i like to think that it is literally flushing the pounds away.

that's it for now, will update as things flush out...haha

princess wee wee

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