why do i have this silly site - i guess because i can. i don't have comments for two reasons: 1. i have no clue how to do it - this isn't some blogger site set up on templates and services - i hackmeal this thing together with just enough knowledge to update and 2. i could careless about them. not putting this out there for debate or comfort fishing or any of the other dramatics that inevitably show up to your front door when you lie down the welcome mat. this philosophy doesn't stop me from commenting on your site - but i'm nearly done with that as well - it's way too schoolyard politics out there in how people treat each other.

i jump around with content, sometimes its weight centric and other times it's show and tell blogging. it's my sandbox and i'll build what i want in it. i am NOT a writer - could careless if what i put here makes any sense to public at large - i do not write and edit and re-edit entries, i am not running for blogoshere attention - so get over the smugness of being more qualified or published or awarded or view rated. it don't impress me a bit.

princess wee wee

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